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Your individual path

My name is Dominik Królicki and I am the owner of (part of the Dekart Studio group).

We are here to let you stand out. We offer personalized wraps and self-adhesive materials for trucks, tractors and commercial vehicles. Our service is comprehensive and varied - you can choose wrap only or a complete service with wrap application. All this to express your unique style and give your truck a completely new look.

We have been offering truck wraps for almost a decade. We have completed thousands of decorative, artistic and advertising wraps - both in Poland and in European countries. During this time, we have thoroughly learned the needs of drivers and transport companies and we are constantly adapting to them. A characteristic feature of is that we offer very high quality wraps that look great for many years.

Your truck - your rules

Wraps offered by are made on the individual request of the client. We provide services to both transport companies - which use wraps for branding their fleet - and individual drivers who want to take care of the classy look of their trucks. Our wraps are used for tractor units and delivery vans, but also for construction machinery.

  • You do not need to have graphic skills - we will create the project for you. All we need from you is the general direction which the graphics will follow.
  • You don't have to have an idea - we will be happy to help you choose the solution that will best suit the style of your vehicle and will make you stand out.
  • You do not need to have manual skills - we can provide the service with the wrap application. We offer this service throughout Poland.

You can be yourself

At, you can order any wrap design that will best suit your style. The wraps will be shipped to you and you can put them on the car on your own. However, if the project is more complicated and requires exceptional precision when applied to the car - the implementation will be performed by our employees. We can reach any place in Poland.

By choosing you can be sure that the print will make an impression for many years. Thanks to lamination, it is resistant to mechanical splinters, sunlight and weather conditions. We use only the highest quality materials. The choice of foil, ink and printing technique is based on our many years of experience in preparing this type of implementation. All this so that the appearance of the wrap reflects the design and is characterized by expressive, vivid colors.

Practical and stylish

Our machine park enables high-quality solvent printing. We have cutting plotters and laminators. All this means that we can make any type of self-adhesive materials. This solution is an alternative to painting vehicles with an airbrush.

However, the use of wraps has many significant advantages over an airbrush:

  • in case of damage - all you need to do is is to print the wrap again and re-apply it on the car;
  • in case of selling the vehicle - you don't need to paint the car, just remove the wrap.

The choice is yours

We also run a shop with a wide selection of ready-made wraps. Such dedicated projects are created in such a way that their application is as easy to apply as possible. In our projects, we avoid various types of kinks, embossing, etc. We offer over 300 colors of foil, divided into various quality groups. They can be used both on tractor units and on semi-trailers.

The offer is extended with numerous accessories and gadgets that will allow you to stand out on the road. Stainless steel hubcaps, specialized stickers, markings for vehicles transporting oversized materials - these are just examples of products that you can find in our store.

We know you like to be yourself. We can help you show it.

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