Advertising mud flaps for trailers

At, we also offer advertising mud flaps. Our machine park allows us to prepare convex mud flaps mounted on the back of the trailer. These multi-colored mud flaps are easy to install and are durable - and they can look great at the same time.

Multicolor printing on the mud flap will not only make you stand out, but can also be an effective advertisement. These types of elements always attract attention!

Mud flaps are made of high quality rubber. They are mounted on the rear, bottom part of the trailer. The average product weight is approx. 9 kg. Any given graphic in the form of 1.5 mm thick PVC foil is applied to the rubber mud flap. 

In our machine park, we are able to make any print on this type of element. We can make your idea come true - or we can design a print from scratch.

Why is an advertising mud flap a good idea?

Such a product:

  • is durable - the print is resistant to weather conditions and washing with a pressure washer
  • attracts attention - it is perfectly visible from the cockpit of a passenger car or delivery van
  • can be freely personalized - we enable the creation of any print design
  • constitutes a natural protection of the body - after all ... it is still an element used for protection against mud, stones, gravel etc.

The flap can be designed exactly as you wish. You can place warning content on it (e.g. long vehicle), but it can also be advertising, humor, graphics, etc.

Mud flap is a perfect medium for any individual design. The graphics can perfectly match the other wraps on your car. This is another important detail that will allow you to stand out!

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