Car wrapping

At, we offer wrapping for trucks, trailers, buses and vans. Wraps made by us can be applied to the vehicle by a qualified team - so you can be sure that it will be done correctly.

Durability is key

Your satisfaction is our priority - that's why we focus on durability. We ensure this not only with the professional printing on high-quality materials - but also with professional assembly.

A well applied wrap to a properly prepared surface makes the effect pleasing to the eye for many years. And that is a guarantee - which can sometimes be as long as 10 years.

We have experience is a company with experience accumulated over almost a decade. During this time, we have prepared thousands of wraps for trucks, trailers, vans and buses. 

Thanks to this, we know very well how to prepare and install the wrap so that it remains in perfect condition for as long as possible. After all, it's all about making your truck stand out. 

We take care of every detail

We are perfectly aware that car wraps largely fulfills aesthetic function. We pay attention to every detail so that the final result meets your expectations.

We ensure this through, among others, the use of durable foils and inks - but also through reliable assembly.

We are flexible

You can simply order wraps at - and they will be delivered to you with assembly instructions. This solution allows for quick car wrapping and is perfect for simpler implementations.

However, we know very well that not everyone has the time, willingness and skills to apply the wrap to a truck or semi-trailer on their own. That is why we also wrap cars at the customer's premises. We can adapt to your schedule - so as not to take the vehicle off the road and perform the implementation as soon as possible.

Our works

Siuda transport / Volvo FH4

Furmax / Scania

Petra Trans / Man TGX 18.500

Fhu Klecha / Scania

RR trans / Volvo FH4

Siuda transport / Volvo FH4

Banasiak / Transporter do przewozu bydła

Handel drewnem / Volvo FH4

Logistyka AMS / Volvo FH4

Importer pojazdów ciężarowych / DAF XF SSC

Lee Distribution / Volvo FH4

Realizacje dekoracyjne na Volvo FH12 FH13 oraz FH16 / Volvo Fh13

Siuda transport / Volvo FH4

Skup Bydła Banasiak / Scania

Furmańczyk transport / Volvo + Lohra

Eko-Gaz / Man TGX

Nowakowski Płock / Renault Gamma T

Widrex / Volvo Fh13

Fhu Klecha / Volvo FH4

Kruszywa busko / Wywrotka do transportu kruszywa

Dicoudi transporte / Volvo FH4


Okleina dekoracyjna na Volvo fh4 / Volvo FH4

Ekopal trans / Scania

Car Star Marcin Gruca / Mercedes Actros

Car Star Marcin Gruca / Volvo FH4

Cebulscy / DAF XF SSC

Jamaro / Volvo Fh13

Widrex / Ruchoma Podłoga + scania

Zawadzki Transport / Scania Topline

Ewa trans / DAF XF SSC

Łuk Drew / Scania

Szym trans Szymon Czerwnonka / Scania Topline

Importer pojazdów ciężarowych / Mercedes Actros

Raf Trans / Naczepa Schmitz

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