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At, we not only produce, but also design wraps for means of transport. Depending on your expectations, we can adapt the ready-made graphics to a specific tractor, semi-trailer or delivery vehicle - but also create a project from scratch.

We carry out various types of projects. Often these are advertising wraps that facilitate, for example, the identification of transport companies. However, they can also be a decoration that gives the car a distinctive character. Discover all wraps for trucks available at

Car wraps are eye-catching and expressive - which is why they often have an advertising character. Both the tractor and the trailer are an excellent platform to present this type of content. 

You can attract the attention of other road users - and at the same time present the company's contact details, website address or other relevant information. In this way, the trailer can become… an ad on wheels.

The designs of the advertising wraps that we offer are not only easy to read and aesthetic - but also creative. Thanks to this, they attract attention and are memorable - and that's what standing out is all about!

The projects we implement may, for example, creatively refer to the name or the nature of the company's activity. In the example here, you can see the project that we have prepared for the JOOOKEER transport company.

Your truck is a platform where you can put whatever you want. Do you want to manifest your national identity? Do you want to show what values ​​are important to you? Or maybe you just want to stand out on the road? 

An individually prepared wrap from can help you with all this.

In our projects, we try to use and take into account the space, shape and character of the vehicle. A well-designed visual ad should look good regardless of the configuration. In the case of semi-trailers - where we have a large advertising space at our disposal - we prepare visual advertisements on which we can put a lot of information. 

All this is aimed at creating an advertisement that will be not only consistent and aesthetic - but most of all effective. You don't know how to go about it? Contact us!

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